Escaping the Average


Hi there,

If you are here taking time to read my about page, know that I appreciate you so much. I hope you are enjoying this blog. Allow me to explain its meaning. Escaping the Average is meant to encourage and inspire you to live a better life, as well as guide you in ways to do just that.

The ultimate goal is not to take exotic vacations, or or wear thousand dollar clothes, or drive a Ferrari. Those things are definitely nice, but the goal of this blog is to inspire you to do more than that. The goal of this blog is to inspire you to be happier, live healthier, and feel better about yourself.

We should always be striving to better our lives and ourselves; but at the same time we need to be enjoying our lives too. The journey is definitely not always easy; there will be plenty of posts talking about the bumps in the road. It is so important to surround yourself with others who experience the struggle and still decide to overcome. So please keep checking into this blog for more information of how and what it looks like to positively enhance your life.

Keep scrolling to learn more about me.

My name is Gabriella. I am currently a college student studying business administration. I like to think of myself as a flight risk prepping for lift off. A lot of good and bad life experiences led me to creating this blog. I come from a nice family in Pennsylvania. I have an amazing boyfriend, Chen Luo (Andy), and a super cute beagle puppy, Kyla.

I speak English, Spanish, and Chinese (not by any means fluent in Chinese, though). But because of my amazing boyfriend, my posts can be translated to Chinese, and I can translate them to Spanish. Please feel free to contact me and introduce yourself to me. Again, thanks for stopping by!